Monday, July 24, 2017

How to decorate and design on a budget

A few years ago I became interested in interior decoration, not because I 'had a flair' for it or that it 'gave me something to do' while the kids were at school! No, I became interested because I wanted to live in a space that I could be myself in. Sounds simple and it is, but if, like me, you must be comfortable in your home and have a limited budget then this blog is for you. You have to pick the right colours, textiles and accessories the first time - no second chances and you have to know how to make and where to buy.
I have decorated several houses since and am currently working on my own home in Cobh, Co. Cork. It was a dilapidated wreck and the revamp knocked us for six but it's nearly done and I'm happy to say its now an acceptable modern, clean space. So hang on for pics, ideas, craft demos, floral accessories and just about anything else relevant.

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